John Hickman tirelessly served the County of Loudoun, Virginia for 25 years as a Deputy Sheriff. He has always enjoyed bluegrass music and early in his career had the opportunity to travel with the Country Gentlemen as their part-time record sales person. It was through his relationship with the Country Gentlemen that John was introduced to Jimmy Gaudreau, a very accomplished blue grass musician with whom he has remained friends for the past 30 years.

John also had an interest in writing. He took some of his first lyrics to Jimmy who was able to transform Johnís words and ideas into music. Since then, John has co-written songs with Jimmy, Norman Wright, Mark Austin and, most recently Steve DeVries, all accomplished musicians. After producing eight songs, John decided to start his own publishing company, Loony Moose Publishing, an affiliate of BMI.

For John, writing is a passion. He had many articles published in correctional and law enforcement trade magazines during his tenure as a Deputy Sheriff. He has also designed and developed several training pamphlets for the American Jail Association which were used in a National Institute of Corrections training program. John is currently combining this passion for writing with the experience he acquired from his years in law enforcement by writing crime fiction. He self-published his first novel: A Cold Snow In Castaway County. This book has received many favorable reviews including a 2012 indieBRAG Medallion. His is currently working on the second novel in the Dell Hinton Sheriff of Castaway County series. Thus Loony Moose Publishing has grown to include music and book publishing.

John resides in Northern Virginia with his wife, Jennifer. He has one son, Branden, a professional drummer and instructor who is working hard to advance his own career.

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