Loony Moose Publishing, LLC is an independent small business created to promote music and books authored by John Lindsey Hickman. The goal of our Book Division is to promote and sell books written by Mr. Hickman. His current book “A Cold Snow in Castaway County” has received a 2012 indieBRAG award and many favorable reviews.

The goal of our music division is to work with any artist who may want to perform and/or record any songs published by our company. We will support individual artistic creativity and grant an individual performer or group the flexibility to perform our material via arrangements that are suitable to their specific band or style. All songs on this web site have been recorded in draft demo form. They have all been copyrighted and published. Permission to perform or record any of the songs on this site on a temporary, fixed or permanent digital media must be obtained by contacting a representative of Loony Moose Publishing, Jennifer Hickman. (jennifer@lmpublishing.com)

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